Closed Crypto Casinos

Don’t worry! The chances of a favourite crypto casino you are interested in closing remain quite low. But, as with any industry, closures still happen and the Bitcoin iGaming market can be an especially tough one to survive. So how many casinos end up closing their doors? Below we explore answers to some frequently asked questions about closed crypto casinos so you better understand your risks when playing at licensed new ones.

Please find below a complete list of closed crypto casinos we have reviewed at These crypto casinos were once in full operation, but have all since shut down for various reasons


  • Quick withdrawals
  • Exclusive casino games
  • Awesome cashback bonuses without wagering
  • Provably Fair games
  • Some GEO restrictions
Casino Confidence Score (CCS)™
BCS Our propietary CCS is a numerical 1-99 score calculated based on several security criteria.
This casino is not available

Supremo Casino

Casino Closed (Dec 2022)
  • 7 cryptocurrencies accepted
  • Quick payouts
  • Over 2000 games available
  • Great promotions
  • Not available in the US
This Casino is not available

Wizary Casino

  • VPN is allowed.
  • 20% daily cashback with no wager
  • Wide range of cryptocurrencies accepted
  • 8000+ games available
  • Fast deposits & withdrawals
  • Lack of license info on their website
Casino Confidence Score (CCS)™
BCS Our propietary CCS is a numerical 1-99 score calculated based on several security criteria.
This casino is not available

Why a crypto casino closes and What to do?

closed crypto casinos

A Bitcoin or crypto casino can close for a variety of reasons, and it’s important to understand why a Bitcoin casino closes and what to do if you happen to be one of its customers.

  • The most common reason for closure is regulatory compliance, meaning the owners are unable or unwilling to meet the requirements set by the regulators in their jurisdiction. This may include obtaining a license, abiding by anti-money laundering regulations, or meeting other specific requirements. If these obligations cannot be met, the Bitcoin casino has no choice but to close its doors.
  • Another possible reason is due to a lack of resources. Many Bitcoin casinos have limited budgets or staff members and if they cannot sustain their operations any longer, they are forced to shut down. The same thing can occur if there isn’t enough demand from customers. A decline in players on the platform combined with increased competition could lead to unsustainable levels of losses that force closure.
  • Finally, fraud and mismanagement can also cause a crypto casino to close abruptly. For instance, if the operators are suspected of running a Ponzi scheme or engaging in malicious activity with customer funds, authorities may step in and shut down the business for good.

What should you do if your favourite Bitcoin casino closes?

When facing an unexpected closure of a bitcoin casino, the most important thing you can do is stay calm and assess the situation. Many times it’s just a simple merger with no further action needed on your part; however, in cases where such bitcoin casinos are closing down completely, be sure to transfer out any crypto tokens to exchange or wallet or fiat money to a bank account before the deadline.

Don’t fret though – there will always be other safe and secure casino options available! Keep up on our reviews for all new casino releases each year, so that when you want to switch operators again later on – whether due diligence or simply wanting something fresh – then we’ve got what you need right here.

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