How to buy crypto for a Bitcoin casino?

Purchasing cryptocurrencies to play in a Bitcoin casino is no longer difficult as there are a number of centralized crypto exchanges (CEX) and Decentralized exchanges (DEX) compared to the past. Most of these trading sites with bitcoins and altcoins have a comprehensive take and trade cryptocurrency values with real money.

Here are some of the reputed crypto exchange platforms dealing, including,

Centralized Crypto Exchanges (CEX)

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

Players require register with any of these exchanges and log in to buy crypto with the desired cryptocurrencies. Most of these platforms accept major currency trades, including USD/ Euros/ Pounds and even with other cryptocurrencies.

How to Safely Store Bitcoins?

Bitcoins can be stored in different areas and institutions. These cryptocurrency exchanges offer storage solutions. However, there is no reliability in how safe the currency will be saved. A few years back, some hackers defrauded about 800,000 bitcoins from such an exchange.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Hot Wallets

There are numerous crypto wallets available to “hodl” your Bitcoin and Altcoins in the market today. These digital storage devices are trusted and have comprehensive usage. They include the likes of,

  • Coinbase Wallet. Recommended for crypto newbies! Most popular wallet to store your Bitcoins and others cryptocurrencies.
  • Electrum. Great for Bitcoin!
  • Exodus.
  • Trust Wallet. It’s very popular to store ERC20 (BNB) tokens.
  • Metamask. Recommended to manage your Ethereum (ERC-20) tokens.

Cold Wallets (Hardware)

Bitcoins can also be saved on physical devices. Unlike digital devices, hardware devices are known to have excellent security levels and safeguard your asset, better than any other form. Some of these devices are available in regular USB sticks having buttons and setup. Ledger Nano S. developed this popular equipment. The device has adapted in safeguarding cryptocurrencies, including the likes of Ethereum, Cardano, Shiba Inu, Litecoin , Bitcoin, and Dogecoin among the famous ones.